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Yangzhou North-Sanshan Industrial Ceramics Co., Ltd

Yangzhou Northern Sanshan Industrial Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of the North Materials Science and Engineering Research Institute of China Weapons Industry Group. It is the leading enterprise in the production of comprehensive bullet-proof ceramics in China and a national high-tech enterprise.

The company specializes in the production of bullet-proof ceramics, bullet-proof chest insert board, bullet-proof body armor, helmet, shield and other protective articles. The company has passed the certification of the National Military Standard Quality Management System of the New Age Certification Center of the Ministry of General Equipment. It is a supplier of bullet-proof ceramics for composite armor designated by the Ministry of General Equipment. The company produces composite assemblies made of ceramic Armored units have been equipped in batches. Four armored tank phalanxes were equipped with our products at the parade ceremony for the 60th anniversary of the National Day. Six armored tank phalanxes were equipped with our products at the parade ceremony for the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War.


Leading technology: the company has 2 invention patents and 10 utility models. It is the first to apply pressureless sintered silicon carbide in the field of bullet-proof. It also pioneered the production of pressureless sintered boron carbide bullet-proof ceramics. It has always mastered the core technology of the industry and products.

Long history: Alumina ceramics have been produced since 1980s. It has a history of more than 30 years. It has accumulated abundant experience in the production of ballistic-proof ceramics and their products.

Reasonable price: Based on a certain cost advantage, the company has always adhered to the concept of "small profits, large sales and excellent price", and the product has always maintained a high market share.

Strict quality control: The company guarantees the quality of each batch of products. The batches of finished products can be traced back to all intermediate processes until the batches of raw materials enter the factory.

Factory direct selling mode: the company insists on independent production, factory direct selling, stable and controllable product quality, timely delivery, affordable price, convenient after-sales service

Strong short-term supply capability: the company has 10 vacuum sintering furnace, 6 electric pushing plate kiln, 3 shuttle kiln, 6 spray granulation tower, 2500 ton press, 800 ton pressure machine, 300 tons and less press, and the above production key equipment has guaranteed enough production strength, making the company's short term supply capability strong. It can effectively cope with the big bills.

One-stop purchase of diversified products: the company has the production and processing capacity of alumina, zirconia toughened alumina, pressureless sintered silicon carbide, pressureless sintered boron carbide and other series of ballistic-proof ceramic materials, as well as the production and sale of ballistic-proof ceramic related products, which can achieve human protection, vehicle protection and armor protection. Different levels of protective products are fully covered so that customers can purchase them at all stations in three hills.

Eight reasons for win-win cooperation

Professional team: The company has a national "thousand people plan", a chief scientist of Chinese weapons, 10 doctoral and master's degrees, and more than 50 skilled workers with more than 20 years of production experience.