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The company has established a sound quality management system, according to the requirements of the quality manual, strict quality control has been carried out on raw materials-intermediate products-finished products. In addition to the inspection report, each batch of raw materials entering the factory are required to carry out inspection and sampling outside inspection, and the raw materials are subjected to small-scale test. Only after the re-inspection is qualified, can the quality of raw materials be controlled strictly. Put into production; in the production process, all production processes are strictly carried out in accordance with the operating rules, process parameters are strictly controlled, sampling inspection is done in each production link, and full inspection is carried out in some key processes; different finished products are tested or arranged for full inspection in accordance with a certain proportion, and sent out periodically for external inspection to accumulate a certain number. After that, shooting test must be carried out. Each batch of manufactured products has achieved controllable quality and traceability to raw materials.