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Professor Cao Jianwu, Technical Director of the Company. Dr. Cao Jianwu graduated from the National Fengqiao University of Technology and Sciences of Japan with a Ph. D. in Material Systems Engineering. During his study and work in Japan, he served as a director researcher in Japan Fine Ceramics Research Center, an internationally renowned professional institution of industrial ceramics. He acted as a minister's agent and director researcher in the Ceramics Development Department of Hitachi Group. During his work in China, he served as a professor in Shanghai Jiaotong University and a National Engineering Research Institute in nanotechnology and application. Research Center Technical Director, general manager assistant, deputy general manager. More than 50 papers have been published in relevant international journals and conferences. Fourteen industry evaluation standards for ceramic materials have been independently written, one has become a draft discussion of Japanese industrial standards, and one has been cited as a reference standard by international ISO standards. In the major research projects of Japanese government, such as Synergy Ceramics, 300 KW Ceramic Engine, 100 KW Automotive Ceramic Engine and Ultra-high Temperature Materials in the 21st Century, we are responsible for the development and evaluation of materials. Rich experience has been accumulated in the development of special structural ceramics and the forming process, sintering deformation control process and precision machining process of large-scale and complex-shaped ceramic structural parts. In early 2012, the "national 1000 person program" was selected as the "national special expert". After returning to China, he was appointed as the chief specialist of China Weapons Industry Group Corporation. At the same time, he was appointed as the technical director of Yangzhou Northern Sanshan Industrial Ceramics Co., Ltd. and led the innovation team to take charge of the enterprise's technological innovation work.