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Brand is the soul of the development of ceramic industry

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In the ceramic industry, where the competition in the ceramics market is becoming increasingly hot, most small and medium-sized ceramic enterprises are not cheap, and the development situation is not satisfactory. How do small and medium-sized ceramic enterprises develop better from the predicament? At present, most enterprises have insufficient understanding of advertising, lack of scientific planning for channel layout, lack of understanding of consumer psychology, and make themselves in an embarrassing situation in market competition. Therefore, if enterprises want to develop their business model and sales concept, they must change from simply making products to operating brands.
Brand is the soul of the product
The relationship between products and brands is like the relationship between the body and the soul. The brand is the soul of the product, and the product is the body that carries the brand. The relationship between products and brands is also like the relationship between water and fish. Fish that leave the water must not survive. Water without fish is also stagnant water. It is unrealistic to leave the product to talk about the brand, and products without the brand are products that cannot survive for a long time.
Developing a brand is the way to break through
In Western countries, products and brands experience three processes: products without brands, products and brands developing together, and brands extending multiple products. However, in China, there are many foundry companies that have neither products nor brands. These companies have good manufacturing techniques, but they do OEM for multinational brands. In fact, they have become “working companies”. However, due to the financial crisis that has brought huge impacts on China's export manufacturing industry, many companies have realized that the road to foundry is not only lucrative, but also difficult for people to develop for a long time.
At present, many companies have realized that producing their own products and developing their own brands is the way to break through. But creating a brand is not a one-time thing. Most companies are in their own products, but the brand has not yet been established, which is the initial stage of products and brands. Such companies have little difference with foreign brand companies in terms of product manufacturing and assembly, but there are huge differences in product development and design, financial strength and brand operation. These are the bottlenecks in the development of such enterprises.
Terminal brand image is especially important
In addition, in the case of brand competition, in addition to highlighting their own prices and promotions, dealers must pay special attention to the brand image of the terminal, terminal atmosphere, merchandise display, shopping guide skills, and old user turn-around rates. It is reported that 70% of the sales of ceramic products come from the terminal product display and promotion, and 60% are introduced by old users. Therefore, dealers should pay special attention to the brand image of the terminal and respect the brand of their agent. When we distribute a brand for more than one year, we must make a good return visit from an old customer. This kind of business will continue to flow, and the agent's brand will inevitably expand its influence in the local area.