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Northern Institute of Materials Science and Engineering Layout Anti-ballistic Ceramic Industry Chain Accelerating Industrializat

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At the beginning of May 2011, General Manager Sun Min of the Materials Institute and Deputy General Managers Gu Ming and Wang Jun conducted a site visit to Yangzhou Sanshan Industrial Ceramics Co., Ltd. and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on the spot. The development model of “expanding the military and the people” as the market orientation and expanding the industrial chain and industrialization of existing products was determined. The two sides will gradually expand their market share in the field of bulletproof ceramic materials and the scale of business operations, and steadily build a cooperation platform for the integrated development of the upstream and downstream of the bulletproof ceramic products industry chain.
Integrate resources to meet the challenge
In the competition of the high-end market of material manufacturing, there are huge business opportunities. The Northern Institute of Materials Science and Engineering has always insisted on developing advantageous cooperation and attaching importance to the accumulation and integration of resources, technology and talents. Sanshan Company, which has cooperated with the Materials Institute for many years, is the earliest and largest manufacturer of bulletproof ceramics in China. The main products are alumina series ceramic products, including alumina wear-resistant ceramics, alumina chemical filler balls, alumina bulletproof ceramics, zirconia toughened alumina ceramics and other products. Sanshan Company has more than 20 years of rich experience in the production of alumina ceramics. It has unique natural gas resources and the largest ultra-high temperature tunnel kiln in China. The products are fully sintered and stable in quality. They are widely used in ceramics, chemicals, high-grade refractories and non-metals. Material processing industry and pipeline transportation.
Through more than ten years of mature and harmonious cooperation, the Materials Institute and Sanshan Company have complementary advantages, market-oriented, and investment in high-end resources, so that products occupy the forefront of technology and market. It has shown a good momentum of development in the industry and laid a solid foundation for future strategic cooperation.
Layout bulletproof ceramic industry chain
The development of industrial chain is an organic cycle that adapts to the characteristics of products. It can upgrade the upstream and downstream sales and transactions of products to the level of cooperation and synergy, and expand the development model of the enterprise into a multi-link operation and win the system layout.
Today, with the rapid development of the economy, the traditional linear closed development model has been separated from the pace of the times. In order to promote a new round of rapid development of the military and civilian bulletproof ceramic industry, the materials institute and the Sanshan Company in the upstream of the industrial chain work closely together in the bulletproof ceramic products industry to strengthen the control of upstream core products and reduce overall production costs and operational risks.
How to rationally lay out assets is the key to the development of industrial chain. To this end, the deputy general manager of the Materials Institute Wang Jun led the heads of the Ministry of Civil and Investment Management, the Department of Articles of Insurance and Asset Management and the Ministry of Planning and Finance to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the ceramic industry of Sanshan Company, through the scale and finance of Sanshan Company. A detailed examination of the basic situation of the situation, production and sales of the product, and a cooperation plan for the acquisition or holding of Sanshan Company at an appropriate time in the future.
Using its own advantages in scientific research, management and capital, the Institute of Materials can combine the production experience of Sanshan Company in bulletproof ceramic products, and can embark on a development path combining “production, study and research” to accelerate the development of high-end bulletproof ceramic products and form an industrial chain. A virtuous circle of downstream collaboration to maintain the sustainable development of core competitiveness.
Expand industrial development
The strategic cooperation with Sanshan Company is an important step taken by the Materials Institute in the process of laying out the bulletproof ceramics product industry chain. It is also an important measure for the Materials Institute to accelerate the industrialization of military and civilian products. Industrialization construction must meet the test of the market, not only the expansion of the industrial chain, but also the increase of the connotation of industrialization.
Since the establishment of the material institute, the small scale of industrialization is a short-term development of military and civilian products. The traditional research and development of the traditional ordnance research institute is characterized by “strong scientific research, weak production; strong project capability and low industrialization”. The further development of the military and civilian products business. To this end, the Materials Institute clearly proposed the "225 Industry Development Project" in the "12th Five-Year Plan" military and civilian product development plan, that is, the development of two billion, two 500 million and five hundred million "high degree of specialization" The military and civilian products industry sector with first-class technology, lean product quality and high market share. In the bulletproof ceramic products industry, the materials institute seizes the market opportunity and the industrial chain layout of the industry can realize the low-cost and stable expansion of industrial scale, improve the competitiveness of the product market, and broaden the field of industrial development.
Under the background of “industrial upgrading and materials first”, the material industry has ushered in an unprecedented development opportunity, and the specialized reorganization of China Ordnance Industry Group has also established a strong development platform for the Materials Institute. Facing the new requirements and new expectations of the group companies, the Materials Institute will take the scientific development concept as the guide, and take the "12th Five-Year Plan" military and civilian products development plan as the main line, closely focus on the central task of accelerating development, and seize the opportunity to become bigger and stronger. Accelerate the industrialization process of key projects, optimize the growth environment to stimulate the competitive potential, and condense the power to promote the historical new leap of the material and military industry.