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The signing ceremony of the material institute investment merger and acquisition Sanshan Company was held in Jinan

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On the morning of April 18, 2012, the signing ceremony of the investment and acquisition of Yangzhou Sanshan Industrial Ceramics Co., Ltd. was held in Jinan. Xu Zhengping, general manager of the Materials Institute and general manager of Xinmin Ceramics Factory, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. The relevant leaders of Yantai Institute and the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Investment Management attended the signing ceremony, and the director of the Materials Institute hosted the ceremony.
In his speech, the general manager of the Materials Institute pointed out that Sanshan Company is a large-scale anti-ballistic ceramics manufacturer that started earlier in China and has more than ten years of mature and harmonious cooperation with the Materials Institute. The acquisition of Sanshan Company is an important measure for the materials institute to integrate existing resources and realize the development of industrial chain. It has the advantage of sharing technology and combining production and research. It is hoped that Xinsanshan Company will become the force of the ceramics industry of the material institute and pass the standardized company. Operation, the scale of the industry is over 100 million as soon as possible, and the core technology has reached the international leading level, leading the development of the domestic bulletproof ceramic industry.
Xu Zhengping said in his speech that he has long been eager for a technology-led industry group like the Materials Institute. Now he is finally able to join the big family of materials house. He feels extremely proud and proud. The research and development advantages of the material institute in the field of bulletproof ceramics and the existing industrial foundation of Sanshan Company are important guarantees for the development of the new company. It is believed that Xinsanshan Company will be able to become bigger and stronger under the guidance of the Materials Institute.
After the signing ceremony, the two sides further exchanged on relevant matters, and agreed to speed up the implementation on the basis of the merger agreement and complete the merger and acquisition work as soon as possible.